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Catering Courses 
The Hospitality industry is growing at a tremendous pace and within a short span of time has become one of the largest industry in India and many other countries.
As a matter of fact it is one of the largest foreign exchange earners. In the coming ve years, lot many hotels will come up in India and there is going to be a tremendous boom in the Hospitality sector, thereby leading to an acute shortage of trained manpower in the industry.
The Hospitality industry today is not restricted to hotels alone but also includes special areas such as Industrial catering, oce catering, Event management, Facilities management, Club catering, Oce catering, Hospital catering, Transport catering, Restaurant management etc. This industry also oers many opportunities to young entrepreneurs to try their hands in the world of business.
We at B. P. Hospitality Academy has tied up with Mumbai University to oer BSc – Hospitality Studies to try and bridge the ever expanding gap of providing trained manpower in the Hospitality sector. We urge you to embark on this fascinating journey with us to achieve your goals.

Courses we Offered

1.BSc –Hospitality Studies
2.B.Sc. in Hospitality Studies and Catering Services (V 76)
3.M.Sc. in Hospitality and Tourism Studies (V 77)

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